Dhe Best Multipurpose Cycle Motorcycle Bike Chain Cleaner Brush (Assorted Colour)

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Must have for hard-core bikers
Made of nylon and abs
Appropriate hardness not only powerful but also durable
Reliable performance
Attractive pricing



Cycle chain cleaner brush that can be used to scrub and clean your cycle chain. Must have for hard-core bikers appropriate hardness not only powerful but also durable.

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59 Grams

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25.6 x 6.2 x 3.8 cm





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10 reviews for Dhe Best Multipurpose Cycle Motorcycle Bike Chain Cleaner Brush (Assorted Colour)


    First of all the brush is so sturdy and comparatievely the brushes are hard enough to handle the chains. Many gave negative comments for the head part is broken yea i accept it but if you handle it properly you wont have chances to break it. you can see i have added extra amount protection to my brush so that it can handle jerks without problem and also gave a sporty look to it. You must rotate the wheels by hand and apply this brush so that it wont break and its clean the particles so well. Go for it..

  2. kenman

    VFM product and to be used as stated. Looks and feels sturdy. The bristles are strong enough to clear the grime. Use it with diesel or a chain cleaning product and follow up with a chain lube. Used it a couple of times on a RE thunderbird chain and the results are good. The product is comparable to any branded more expensive brushes on the site.Turn the rear wheel by hand and not on engine power as that may cause the brush to break at the hinge with excessive force. With proper usage this should last long.


    If using for your motorcycle, it’s advisable to remove the first attchment and then use. It would make it easier to clean the chain and prevent the brush from breaking.The three sided brushes can be dismantled into separate parts, which makes it easy to clean.

  4. SKash

    It’s a scrapper brush and not dirt-magnet that it will pull away dirt stuck in chain grease. Once you brush the chain properly use a cotton rag cloth dipped in kerosene oil to hold the chain with moderate pressure and revolve the rear tire. All scrapped grease and dirt will transfer to the cloth and that completes the process.Edit after 1st use: What an excellent brush. I used a small spray bottle for spraying kerosene to clean dirt and lube stuck on chain. The chain looks like brand new now. I also ordered a Motul C2 lubricant which I apply after cleaning.People are complaining about built quality. It’s hard plastic with very durable bristles. Please don’t use accelerator to move your bike chain and sprocket . It is dangerous for both your hand and this tool. Just put in on chain and slowly revolve rear tyre while in neutral gear.It will not break if you use it properly. Quality is good enough and if it breaks due to improper use , you can easily fix using feviquick. Go for it don’t trust negative comment where people don’t know how to use it.

  5. The Man of Almighty

    I was really finding it too difficult to clear my 535 CC Continental GT chain. I need to clean the cain every 400 kms. and do 400km by every weekend. last one it was big headache to clean up the chain. now its way too easier task. must buy product worth. all royal enfield bikers must buy it.

  6. Sagar

    Usefull product in cleaning bikes. This products quality is also good in cheap rate. Used it to clean my bikes chain worked really well throughly cleaned it. Used it 4 times till now. Longitivity of this product depends on how you use it. Used it on my cycle chain aswell. Thumbs up for this product from my side close your eyes and go for it.

  7. R.G

    A must buy if you wany to clean bike chain on your own hands.Pros:1) Saves money by not spending on workshops2) Can be used anytime for cleaningCons:While applying you have to hold it tight while your rear wheel moves. If careless, can burn your hand on silencer or might slip away from chain and get stuck somewhere in wheel and chain between.

  8. Amit Mishra

    I use it for my bicycle, earlier I had to use toothbrush which wasn’t effective.ProsBristles are strong enough to get the stubborn dirt(grease+dirt) out.Three way head makes cleaning the chain 3times fasterThe other end with longer bristles works well to clean the gears.ConsPrice should be under 100rsThree way head can be made adjustable so that we can tweak it as per chain thickness(bicycle/motorcycle)VerdictGood Product. Go for it as this tool will definitely save your time.

  9. K.MuraliKrishnan

    for chain lubrication, Cleaning a good product. mine broke the first day of use because of my carelessness. think if that would have been my hand or fingers. It could have been really painful to have your finger stuck between the chain and the sprocket tooth.


    Very useful product to clean motorcycle chain. I bought this product for cleaning my Bullet 500 chain. After cleaning its looks like new. Good one and recommend to othersThank you for taking the time to read my review.If my review is helpful, please consider helping others as well by hitting helpful👍button.Thanks

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