Dhe Best Leg Guard Rope Brown – Beige for Royal Enfield All Bike Models, Multi-Purpose Hand Braided Rope Cord Saddle Bag Holder Camping Utility Rope


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  • Vehicle compatibility: all bikes and scooters (geared/non-geared) of any model – this is a multi-purpose rope that can be fitted along the leg guard of bikes and in front of the non-geared vehicles this is also a useful accessory for long rides and camping activities
  • Strength and durability: made of high-quality cotton strands with a covering of silk strands that give it an exceptional ability to bear up to 70 kg under normal conditions
  • Machine braiding: this rope is braided in a specific by a machine to ensure tight braiding that consequently increases tensile strength
  • Breakdown assistance: can be used to tow other vehicles in case of breakdown when driving on highways, mountains or on long drives


Dhe Best multi-purpose rope is the best product to have when you love your bike and want to give it a totally different look at a very low and reasonable price. High quality cotton strands go into making the core of this rope that is complete by super strong silk strands rendering it an enhanced capability to bear high tension. Apart from enhancing its tension strength, the silk strands also give a shinier look with a dense Brown – Beige colour. The colour does not fade with the passage of time. This rope can be used to tie your baggage, saddle bags or may be in the maintenance of any broken parts during those off road trips or long drives. Due to its light weight and flexible build, this rope is very easy to be stored either by wrapping it around the leg guard or just by making a bundle and tying it behind your motorcycle. Apart from its various functions, this rope is also instrumental in keeping your crash guard brand new by wrapping around it and preventing it from being exposed to corrosion or scratch causing elements. This is a highly-used product by bike enthusiasts, biker lovers and biker boys who love their bikes royal Enfield bullet standard 350, royal Enfield bullet standard 500, royal Enfield bullet classic 350, royal Enfield bullet classic 500, royal Enfield bullet classic desert storm, royal Enfield bullet Electra, royal Enfield bullet thunderbird 350, royal Enfield bullet thunderbird 500, avenger, pulsar, duke kit, Harley Davidson, Yamaha fz, r15, car, ninja, apache, hayabusa and other bikes.

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