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Sunty car carpet brush has a long, hard and specially treated fibers bristles that removes dust and dirt easily from surfaces
Can be used to clean carpets, mats, home interiors, car seats, sofa covers etc
It can be used to even delicate surfaces as it does not scratch or damage them
A wooden handle can be gripped firmly to dust and clean hard to clean surfaces
It can be used repeatedly and is long lasting. Its bristles can be cleaned from time to time



The sunty carpet brush with long, hard bristles has a wooden handle and an ergonomic grip economic plastic body. It is made for repeated, long and hard use at your home interiors and for cars and vehicles. The duster has specially treated fibres that lift dirt and dust quickly and easily from surfaces. It does not scratch or harm even the most delicate surface. Use it on home carpets, furniture, car seat covers, sofa covers, etc. It can be washed repeatedly and its handle can be gripped firmly.

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132 Grams

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39.7 x 11.6 x 2.7 cm





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10 reviews for Dhe Best Cleaning Duster Brush

  1. Sameer L.

    I still haven’t seen the handle coming off as mentioned by many but it is a very useful brush. I have my dogs shedding a lot of hair in summer and this brush helps beautifully clean my cloth sofa covers and cushions. Although dusting is not really what it is intended for, I also found it quite handy to brush away dust from my other furniture and their wooden or textured surfaces.

  2. Reviewed By SA

    Worth the money you have paid. It would be dumb or stupidity to expect wooden handle or expensive brush for Rs. 150 including the shipping fee. I’m happy with the purchase. It was nicely ­čÄü packed.


    Good quality durable and extremely useful for general cleaning of furniture kitchen and picking garbage dust from floor. Handle design is easy to hold and effective

  4. Meena Iyer

    Very good product. Quality is excellent and it’s effective in brushing out dust from my fabric sofas without damaging the delicate weave of the material.

  5. Abdul Majeed Khan

    It’s light weight and best quality plastic brush. Don’t confuse with it’s handle. It’s made of plastic not the wood. You would love to have it in your car for removing dust from car seats. It’s bit fragile and soft, therefore can’t be used for cleaning car mats.It can be used in removing dust for car window rubber linings and inside roof for car. I purchased it in lightening deal in Rs.129 only without any additional delivery charges.You can go for it.I am sure, you will love to have it.

  6. Amit Dhankhar

    Need a bit of care for bristles that might get twisted in case not placed well rest i had used it to clean my AC filters and metal mesh. it works well saved me at least 1000 bucks of service

  7. Pradeep Kalwad

    As a restaurantier its always irritating to clean dust, food particles, hairs from uphoislter, Chairs & coaches, this product made it easy and its built wooden handle somewhat goes with the restaurant theme. Amazing product.

  8. disha

    Its super awesome, now no need of vaccume cleaner to clean sofa n carpet. Its the best thing one must have. Without the waste of electricity can clean sofa, mattress, carpet, car seat n so many other things.

  9. sunjit singh machra

    The Handle is Not of Wood as stated, but for the Deal price of 128- rupees it’s worth every penny.Good to clear food crumbs from sofas and beds if your children eat there, also practical for brushing off car’s upholstery. However for me the best utility came in cleaning dust from sliding windows track and dusting off electronic equipment!!

  10. M Amjad H Siddiqi

    Very happy with this buy. Was looking for this type of brush.Soft bristles and long wooden handle, just as describe. Good cleaning capabilities. You can easily use it on sofas, on car seats, wont damage the fabric. Can be used for cleaning bags.Delivery on time.

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